18.November.2012 / Sabine Vogel / Microcosm/Macrocosm / Anne La Berge / Plug in and Blow


On Nov. 18 we were treated to two (very) contrasting views of the experimental flute and its possibilities in combination with live electronics. Sabine Vogel’s love for the instrument came through in a cross section of her work as a composer, improviser, and interpreter, as well as recent work with field recordings. Anne LaBerge’s slightly more antagonistic relationship with the flute was revealed in a tour of her work with “black boxes,” sine tones, and mysterious homemade speaker arrays.

Two virtuoso composer-performers share sounds and thoughts on their extensions of the flute through live electronics.

The program will include performances of

Alex Nowitz: Venusfalle
Sabine Lara Vogel: ABGETAUCHT 1
Sabine Lara Vogel: Catch the horsetail

Anne La Berge: away
Anne La Berge: ur_DU
Martin Parker: GruntCount 

Sabine Vogel was born in Munich, studied jazz-flute at the Anton Bruckner Conservatory in Linz, Austria. Vogel focuses on sound and improvisation, using extended techniques both acoustic as well as electronic, creating a very personal contemporary language for the flute. She takes the sounds from the inside of her flute – the microcosm of her flute world – and transports these sounds, with the help of amplification, into a sound-able-hear-able world. Recently, with the support of STEIM in Amsterdam, she developed foot and sensor controllers for her electronic set-up which aid in this process and enrich the experience. She has performed and worked with Anthony Braxton, Arto Lindsay, Tony Buck, Jim Denley, Chris Abrahams, Axel Dörner, Andrea Neumann, Schwimmer, Ensemble Zwischentöne, and the Walter Thompson Soundpainting Orchestra.


Anne La Berge (b. 1955 in Palo Alto, California) is a flautist, composer and improviser, currently resident in Amsterdam. Her most recent performances bring together the elements on which her reputation is based: a virtuosic command of her instrument, a penchant for improvising microtonal textures and melodies, and an array of percussive flute effects, all combined with electronic processing. These have distinguished her as “a pioneer in a wide array of new techniques.” In addition to creating her own work she regularly performs in other artists’ projects in a range of settings from modern chamber music to improvised electronic music. In La Berge’s own music the flute has become only one element in a sound world that includes computer samples, the use of spoken text and electronic processing. She has recorded as a soloist and with Ensemble Modern, United Noise Toys, Fonville/ La Berge duo, Rasp/ Hasp, Bievre/ La Berge duo, Apricot My Lady and the Corkestra. She is currently on the board of directors of the Women in Music Foundation and is the co-director, with David Dramm, of the voLsap Foundation.